Review from an purchaser/listener 12/2022

And I’m so glad it was narrated by Saethon Williams! He’s my absolute favorite narrator because, when he reads, you know he’s not just repeating words written on a page. He’s always familiar with what he’s reading. His cadence, stresses, pauses, etc., are always thoughtfully spoken.
I find it very difficult (and distracting from the work) to listen to narrators, especially of biblical works, when it’s clear they’re not familiar with what they’re reading. For so many, it seems their recording of the book is
their first glance at it.
Saethon Williams is just excellent and an absolute privilege to listen to!

“……you are completely and wholeheartedly winning me over as an audiobook producer. Your enthusiasm, overall clarity of speech, and expression makes your reading a delight to listen to. It makes the message clear too. I love the books too, and hearing them in audio is even better than reading them.”


“I honestly don’t know how you do it – no other audio producer has done as good of a job. Your tone of voice and general enthusiasm is excellent as well, as I mentioned previously.”

Jeremiah Zeiset