“Finding just the right narrator for a project is hard enough. When the project in question is one of your favorite books and has been for the last 30 years, some trepidation is definitely involved. So, when the time came for me to find a voice talent to narrate “Ariel” – a stunning exotic adventure and science fiction classic by Alexander Belyaev – I was very nervous about doing it justice. Saethon took it on like a trooper and worked the content with great gusto, using the full range of his amazing voice and his formidable acting ability to breathe life into numerous characters and the book’s unique setting. As audiobook projects go, “Ariel” came together at breakneck speed, despite numerous technical issues with the web site, which delayed our starting time by almost two weeks. Saethon and I have other projects in the works and I can’t wait to hear what he makes of them.”   Maria K.