Saethon Williams


“Saethon delivered a high quality audio product of my book. He is very experienced in his work, flexible in his delivery. What I was very impressed about is his ability to adapt to the client………which he did splendidly….. and his excellent professional advice.”

Ketan Varia


“I really liked your narration. You’re articulation is exceptional……………….I will recommend you to other authors.”

David E Stevens

Saethon Williams

Thanks for the hard work and the awesome narration. I really enjoyed listening to Talon, and having written and read the book about a dozen times, that is saying something. You made the story fresh to my ears, and I was excited to hear the many characters.

Michael J. Ploof


….I love the voices of Gerald and Jerry. You made them come alive on the page. Gerald, especially, is fun to listen to……….. I love it! Thank you! ……I listened to your reading again. It was wonderful….

Chance Maree


Thank you its great! The book itself is perfect!
Many thanks and I really look forward to the next one 😉

I liked the excitement and drama in your voice


Rachel McGrath